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Vote Graham Allary Councillor Ward 1

"Respecting the past while building our future"

Graham Allary, Candidate for Ward 1 Councillor.

  • Barrie Resident Since 1965
  • Barrie Entrepreneur Since 1983
  • Barrie Realtor
  • Rotary Club Of Barrie Member
  • Founding Father Of Barrie Huronia ( Hot Air ) Balloon Association
  • Past President Huronia Tourist Association
  • Past President Georgian Lakeland Association
  • Barrie Soccer Coach
  • Barrie Minor Baseball Coach
  • Member Canadian Dachshund Rescue
  • Past Committee Member Greater Barrie Chamber Of Commerce

October 17, 2018

A Bit of History

Rogers cable video

Municipal election intro

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Let’s Talk Taxes

It is important to realize that an increase in assessed value does not necessarily result in an increase in property taxes.  Your assessed value is used to determine your share of the total taxes so if the increase in your assessed value is the same as the average...

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Focus Points

  • Increase Industrial Growth (Jobs)
  • Fiscally Responsible Budget
  • Adherence To The Official Plan
  • Long Term Street Repair Plan (Ward 1)
  • Taxes Geared To Ont GDP, Population, Assessment & Rate Of Inflation
  • Enhance Police Services
  • Enhance Business & Commercial Growth
  • Protection Of Historic Buildings
  • Enhance Traffic Planning & Patterns
  • Protection Of Environmentally Sensitive Land
  • Increased Resident Waste Management
  • Intensification Of Brownfield Areas
  • Intensification Of The Downtown Core

Election Platform

I was born in Creemore into a military family and lived for many years on our family farm just outside Base Borden.

I attended Central Collegiate and then Eastview Secondary School where I met my wife, Deana. She was born and raised in Barrie, in the east end. Her grandfather founded Delaney Boat Lines and Services Limited, at the foot of Bayfield Street in Barrie which was taken over by her father, Dean Arbuthnot, upon the death of William Delaney in 1951. The Arbuthnot/Delaney family has been well established in the east end for 95 years. We have loved this city through three generations and I want to ensure, if elected,  that the East End isn’t forgotten in the expansion of our beautiful city.

We have resided in Ward 1 almost all our lives and we understand the special challenges of this area. My wife always refers to herself as an “east end girl”. She attended Codrington School as did our boys and two of our grandchildren now attend Codrington, which continues the family tradition. As a community, we are unique. We house the Royal Victoria Hospital and Georgian College which makes us different than any other Ward in Barrie. We are the original Barrie. This is where it all began and yet we seem to be forgotten in the city’s fever to grow. If elected,  I want to be diligent in fighting for improvement and maintenance of services that are taken for granted in the new areas of our city, such as resurfacing of roads and upgrading water and sewer lines.

In the east end we benefit from the excitement and opportunity of the new growth and development in Barrie but being so firmly established as the original Barrie, we enjoy the comfort of stability.

I am a supporter of asset restoration, especially infrastructure. I will advocate for continuance and expansion of The Neighbourhood Renewal Program. It is a cost effective long-term strategic approach to renew and rebuild roads in existing neighbourhoods.

There is a high ratio of rental properties in Ward 1 and we require more support from operations including scheduled boulevard and side-yard cutting to provide a reasonable municipal standard.  Owner occupied homes in the Georgian College district deserve this on their streets.

Ward 1 requires more scratch and resurface to be carried out on asphalt roads in all residential areas.

We, in Ward 1 need more attention paid to traffic calming in our increasingly busy traffic areas. We definitely need a higher presence of police in school zones to monitor speed of motorists,  to ensure the safety of our children. At night, increased police presence is necessary to monitor the “spillover” from downtown.

As a community, the east end must manage growth and try to ensure that it is pays for itself by paying strict and constant attention to this issue. I believe, we in Ward 1, have been sidestepped. Our infrastructure improvements are put on the back burner while ongoing investments in new development and growth areas in other parts of the city, move forward.

I would like to see a more equitable method of calculating our city property taxes. Currently taxes are determined by the requested budgets of each department of the city. Any shortfall is made up by increasing the tax rate. I would like to investigate the calculation of the tax rate by looking at the Ontario Gross Domestic Product along with assessed population and inflation and then determine a fair rate. The history of Tax Rate Changes Since 2001 and including the recommended 2018 plan, the average annual residential property tax increase for a typical home in Barrie has been 3.38%. (Source 2018 budget executive summary)

We need to focus on bringing new industry to Barrie. New industry means more well paying jobs as well as a increase in commercial taxes. Currently, Barrie is carried with 80% residential and only 20% commercial. We have known this for decades and now is the time to create a critical path along with adequate measuring sticks to address this issue. We need to have the Executive Director of “Invest Barrie” to finally turn this around and bring business and industry to our City. We need to grow jobs in Barrie and assist our Director of Business Development and his team.

Currently we have an imbalance of Ontario tax dollars as it is distributed between the three levels of government. We need to work diligently to persuade the other levels of government to rework the ratio of funding to better reflect our responsibilities.  For example, Ontario municipalities receive only 9 cents of every tax dollar raised in Ontario, while the Provincial and Federal governments receive 44 cents and 47 cents. In contrast to this, municipalities own 57% of the capital infrastructure, while the Provincial Government owns 41% of Infrastructure and the Federal Government only 2%. (Source 2018 budget executive summary)

Dealing with salary and benefit increases exceeding any new tax assessment amounts will be difficult; let’s hope we have a new revenue upswing. I think we must strive to hold the line as close to the inflation rate as possible when increases are necessary. My experience has been that staff presents a draft budget outlining requirements to cover their needs to provide the current level of service accompanied by a list of services. Council can cut if we don’t want to raise taxes sufficiently to cover their needs. This needs to be monitored…closely.

I believe that we need to bring balance to our city in every budget decision that council makes. The ever increasing tax rate will become unsustainable if we continue on our current course. There are two pieces to the Barrie budget, revenue & expenditures. Revenue is easy to understand… just tax the people. Expenditure is the one I will aggressively monitor. In my business experience, I know that you can balance a budget with what you save not necessarily by continuing to spend. We need to find smarter efficiencies.

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